Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Honey mustard chicken

I am always looking out for new recipes, as even with a monthly rolling menu, some are less successful than others.  I was looking on Google for paleo chicken recipes, and the fact one came from a regular recipe board seemed good.

The recipe came from all recipes and was called honey mustard chicken.  The reviews had said that the honey needed to be reduced as equal measures of honey and dijon mustard was too sweet, so I halved the amount of honey.  It also said that it was better if marinaded for 30 minutes or so.  I cooked it covered, as I though it would dry up otherwise.

A quick and easy recipe using things you would have in your cupboard.  It would probably benefit from mash with it, to soak up the sauce as it was a little spicy.

Meatball muffins

I had read something on Pinterest about making meatloaf in a muffin tin, on the same day I found a new recipe.  The recipe from What I gather is called Stuffin' muffins which are essentially a meatloaf mixture cooked in muffin tins.

The recipe are alright, although the children complained that there was too much vegetable in proportion to the meat.   I think that another time, it would be better to put the vegetables through the food processor to shred them much smaller.  Making a less 'lumpy' mixture and improving the taste.

However, the idea of using a muffin tin is good as it cooks quicker and is easier for portion control.  Although we did need all 12 holes to feed three of us, so not sure how we would manage feeding four?
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Friday, 1 February 2013

Chicken drumsticks

It is quite easy to find packets of chicken drumsticks, thighs and quarters, as most people prefer the chicken breasts.  They are an easy dish to take to a 'bring and share' buffet meal or just for dinner.

Chicken can be quite dry as you have to cook it sufficiently to ensure that it is cooked all the way through, so if you can cook it in a way that prevents this, that is good.  I have found that lemon juice and herbs is a tasty variety that is quick and easy. 

I remove the skins as although they may be pleasant when hot, chicken skin on a cold joint is not so good!  Then 'slash' each drumstick or thigh to get the juice into the meat.  Sprinkle generously with lemon juice and a good pinch of dried herbs on each piece.  They need about 35 minutes for chicken thighs and 30 minutes for drumsticks.

Serve hot or cold.