Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Menu planning 21 - 30 April

This is a review post to just record what we have already eaten!

Monday 21 - Salmon fish cakes

Tuesday 22 - Pork burgers

Wednesday 23 - Coconut chicken curry

Thursday 24 - Beef & prune bake

Friday 25 - Coconut curry pollack

Saturday 26 - Christmas turkey (had to get it out of the freezer!)

Sunday 27 - Coconut curry pork

Monday 28 - baked tuna

Tuesday 29 - leftover turkey

Wednesday 30 - Citrus pork chops

Monday, 14 April 2014

Menu planning 14 - 20 April

This week is a busy week with people coming and going, so I'm hoping it will be simple to get everyone fed!

Monday - baked tuna

Tuesday - Caramel apple pork chops

Wednesday - Chicken not-pie

Thursday - Hungarian meatloaf

Friday - Curried fish chowder

Saturday - Honey apple ginger pork - another kind of pulled pork

Sunday - frozen burgers from Aldi (as 3 of us are out all day, it needs to be something really simple!)

Sharing as usual with Mrs M

Monday, 7 April 2014

Menu planning 7 - 13 April

Well I certainly know that I have an extra adut to feed!  Last week's grocery bill was up, as I would normally either cook just for 3 of us, or use the fourth portion for lunch. Only another two and half weeks...

And just to make things more complicated, the brakes on my car have started making weird noises, so we are down to one car - when the supermarket is 10 miles away!  I have sent my husband off with a list to get on his way home from his volunteer day at the railway and he is taking the car to the garage tomorrow.

We did stick to the menu from last week, but the variation on the meatloaf was only partly succssful - I made the meatloaf like a giant sandwich with chopped prunes and spinach in the centre. I think it would be better with them mixed into the meat mixture - you can't pick out the pieces then!

Monday - Baked tuna

Tuesday - Pork burgers

Wednesday - Bacon wrapped meatloaf

Thursday - out for a meal for my parents' Golden Weddding anniversary

Friday - Paleo fish pie

Saturday - Coconut chicken curry

Sunday Slow cooker beef stew

Sharing at usual with Mrs M Menu Planning Monday